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Originally posted on The Story's Story:
Science Fiction, literature, and the haters spawned great comments and e-mails, including responses from both the agents I referenced. The one who gave a minimum word count said that the agency he and…

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Does a story tell anything in the telling?

In my browsing across the blogsphere, I’ve come across this post on “narratology” from the Urban Archives blog. It’s extracts from a book that discusses the central point of narratology as the contention that “stories, or more properly their narrative component, … Continue reading

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The Mists Clear… Exploring a Polarised Fantasy Cosmology

I’ve been muttering about writing some notes for the Mists of Albion cosmology I’ve been developing with a friend for a while (he’ll also start contributing some things to this blog as Hypersleeper, so watch this space!), and I think it’s about … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I’ve taken the plunge and updated this blog’s name, URL and image, as there’s already an existing Crucible of Words blog, dedicated to Magic the Gathering. So we are now Method in the Mythos! This should hopefully convey a bit more … Continue reading

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Why do people ignore the magic of marshes?

This blog comes to you from a position of slight existential uncertainty; I’ve discovered that there is another current blog called Crucible of Words, tied directly to Magic: the Gathering. I may at some point change it. I’m currently chewing over … Continue reading

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What is magic, and why does it matter?

I’m still feeling my way with the architecture of WordPress, so some changes may be on their way in the next few days. I intend to get working on a links page/blogroll of related topics and areas I’m interested in … Continue reading

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A system… just like Magic?

I love the feel of Magic: the Gathering. The rich worlds that get created, the curious inhabitants and ecosystems, societies and architectures, as well as the constant undercurrent of the multiverse brought along by mages that can wander between the different … Continue reading

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Legal stuff

So begins the infodump of my existing stuff onto this site, beginning with the legal stuff. The legal policy for this site is an informal mishmash, but can be found here. I’ll get round to loading actual content next week, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Crucible!

Welcome to the Crucible of Words! This blog is an attempt to get me writing creatively and about world creation and its implications on a regular basis, both about the worlds buzzing around in my own head and those of … Continue reading

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