Mists of Albion

Albion is not the place you knew. It is never the place you think you know. The realm has fractured into four kingdoms, each clinging to their own foetid patch of land against the uncertainties of the night and the unknown. Those of the towns whisper to the memory of greatness of protect them; those of the fields either cling to it in fear or submit to the shades and shadows in the mist for their security. All quail when strangers come from across the sea, where no land has ever been known; and none know of the murmurs beneath their feet, beyond half-forgotten tales.

So much for the synopsis… this is a repository for the various texts written about Mists of Albion. This will be regularly updated as more material gets produced.

Dream of Iron – a tale of how the cosmos of Albion was forged, according to whispers in the rock.

Cæstron the Young – a story of a child who would one day rise to unite all Albion.

On the Nature and Caprice of Cæstron’s Domains – a scholarly treatise of the landscape and weather patterns of Albion, and how they influence each other.

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