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Fantasy is Badly in Need of the Renaissance

Apologies for the lapse in posting recently, life and appendicitis have been getting in the way of things. Think about Mediæval Europe for a second. What sort of pictures do you get? Is it one full of unrelenting peasant drudgery, … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Necessity of Joseph Campbell in Fantasy and Science Fiction

I know I said I was going to write something on language and fantasy this time, but I had an epiphany on the way to work and thought I’d share it with you. A lot gets made of Joseph Campbell’s … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside the Globe when Creating Worlds

I’ve taken to A Game of Thrones with a vengeance lately, and it’s a great board game as well as a great story. The characterisation is some of the best I’ve seen in fantasy novels, and thanks to it being a mostly … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Emergence Campaign Weblog:
EVERYBODY’S got an Org chart… So you want the players in your campaign to form a military group. Whether your inspiration comes from WWII movies, or the novels of the Black Company, or any…

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Welcome to the Crucible!

Welcome to the Crucible of Words! This blog is an attempt to get me writing creatively and about world creation and its implications on a regular basis, both about the worlds buzzing around in my own head and those of … Continue reading

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