A Letter to the Loyal Remnants of Trinimac, of “Orsinium Novum”

The following text was found on the decapitated body of an Altmer in the Druadach Mountains. The elf was dressed in the battered and defaced garb of the Thalmor.

Friends of Orsinium! Rise up and take your rightful place, for you have been wrongly overlooked for too long!

What have the other peoples of Tamriel done for you? Nothing but driven you from your homes again and again, and treated you like beasts. And for what reason? For no fault of your own but the trickery of the Daedra! Boethiah’s hatred of your lord Trinimac and his loyal service to Auriel brought both he and you low, to the place of the detestable remnant that is Malacath. This has led you to be nothing but spurned and cast out from all over Tamriel.

But you can now be more than a remnant! You can return to your proper place by Auriel’s side! Join the Aldmeri Dominion and you will be treated as the loyal shield-thanes you are. For all their promises of civilisation, the Cyrodiils have left you bleeding and alone, standing nearby and allowing low-bred mongrels and foreigners to tear out your heartland again and again. The Cyrodiils have tricked you into giving up your place for the sake of a false home, which is nothing but a smoking ruin, thanks to treachery and lies. We will ensure that you are given fighting steel and loyal comrades to fight alongside you, that the people of Trinimac will never again stand alone against false prophets!

So rise up! Rise up with your brother mer against the lies of those treacherous dogs of Tamriel and together we will carve out a new, bloody dawn for the champions of Auriel! With the Aldmeri Dominion, the tribe of Trinimac will be reborn!

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