Injuries and Spell Resistance

Characters are likely to get wounded in their travels, which will impact their ability to complete their goals.

Characters start with a life total equal to their Endurance plus five. When characters take damage or lose life, this is taken directly from their life total.

Injured characters are less able to complete tasks, due to inconveniences like pain, blood loss or mangled limbs. Therefore, after taking a certain amount of injuries, characters will start to take penalties because of their injuries.

The characters start to take wound penalties after suffering damage equal to their Conviction rating. This starts as -1 to every roll, with an additional -1 incurred after every 2 points of damage. When characters recover their life points, the wound penalties lessen.

e.g. Endurance 4, Conviction 3.  9 life points, has a -1 wound penalty at 5 life. This becomes -2 at 3 life, and -3 at 1 life.

When a character reaches zero life, they fall unconscious and start losing 1 life point every tick cycle. When a character reaches -5 life in this way, they are dead.


Characters can heal others through spells which restore life, or more mundane means. Healing spells restore life directly to a character when they resolve.

Non-magical healing requires rest and medical attention, and can vary depending on the severity of the injury. Characters who have lost the same or less life than their Endurance rating heal a life point at a rate of 7 minus their Endurance, to a minimum of 1 day per life point.

Seriously injured characters who have 5 or less life points take longer to recover. These injuries heal at a rate of 1 point per week, until a character is at 5 life, at which point they heal on a daily basis as detailed above.

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