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An update, and changes

I’ve been busy over the last week, working two jobs while waiting for a bigger one to start. I’ll get back to writing for this over the next week, I hope. I may be able to convince Hypersleeper to finish … Continue reading

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Geek Culture on the Couch

I’ve recently been going through the blogsphere looking for shameless self-publicising opportunities or chances to discuss and share ideas on fantasy, world-building and their inherent cultural expressions and what they say about the writers and consumers of fantasy/sci-fi media. I’d … Continue reading

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World Building or World Creation? An Analogy

One thing that I’ve noticed when poking around the Internet on the topic of fantasy worlds is that there are a plethora of worldbuilding guides out there, from roleplaying campaign-specific aids to the more general fantasy writer advice. But search … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Emergence Campaign Weblog:
EVERYBODY’S got an Org chart… So you want the players in your campaign to form a military group. Whether your inspiration comes from WWII movies, or the novels of the Black Company, or any…

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