Magic: the Gathering spell conversion

Converting cards to spells Cards from Magic: the Gathering need some adjustment and/or interpretation to make them fully usable in Magic: the Multiverse. This guide will go from the simpler principles to the more complex. The most complex element is changing mechanical keywords, translations of which are available here.

Damage/life loss – Damage and life loss translate directly into damage to their life total in Magic: the Multiverse. The difference between the two is still observed.

Sacrifice – As sacrifice happens as part of a mystical effect, creatures do not have to be physically killed as part of the casting, but are consumed by the effect/spell itself when it resolves.

Summoning Sickness – when creatures are summoned, they do not act immediately but take their place in the tick order 10 ticks after their summoning.

Tapping – cards with abilities that involve tapping take 10 ticks to resolve those abilities. When a card taps another entity, that entity has their action interrupted and cannot act for another 10 ticks.

The graveyard – in most instances, a character’s repertoire functions as the graveyard. However, when the card refers to bringing creatures back from the graveyard, the summon creature spell is no longer forgotten, and returned to the character’s repertoire.

Exile – exiled elements are inaccessible during play, to anyone, until they are returned through their own mechanics or another spell.

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