Action Types and Associated Attributes

Unopposed Actions

Physical feats

Climbing – Endurance
Carrying a heavy load – Endurance
Jumping – Finesse
Lifting – Strength
Forced opening/closing – Strength
Long-distance running – Endurance
Sprinting – Strength
Swimming – Endurance
Throwing a small object – Finesse
Throwing a large object – Strength
Tracking – Empathy

Creative endeavours

Artifice – Intelligence
Create an artwork – Finesse/Intelligence
Performance – Charisma
Research – Intelligence
Maintenance – Finesse
Preparing medicine – Intelligence
Treating wounds – Empathy

Opposed Actions

Physical feats

Pursuit – Endurance vs Endurance
Sneaking – Finesse vs Acuity
Wrestling – Strength vs Strength

Social Affairs

Bribery/Corruption – Cunning vs Integrity
Deception – Cunning vs Empathy
Fast talk – Acuity vs Empathy
Gossiping/Rumourmongering – Charisma vs Cunning
Inquiry – Charisma vs Cunning
Interrogation – Cunnings vs Integrity
Intimidation – Charisma/Strength vs Integrity
Negotiation/Barter – Charisma/Cunning vs Empathy
Persuasion – Charisma/Cunning vs Integrity
Seduction – Charisma/Cunning vs Integrity

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