Cæstronian Gnostic Text: A Parable

These are the words and sight of Cæstron, revealed to me his daughter while I was but a seed in my mother’s belly.

As at my time of beginning, so the world’s beginning was opened to me. Cæstron spoke to me, saying, “Daughter, look upon this truth and remember, for in it is the secret to all creation, as it was from the beginning.” Then a gale carried me in its wings until I could see and hear no more.

Then a burning man came and showed me a gift spoken in his breath,and then hid it from me. I knew it then, and knew it from my birth. Then the burning man disappeared from my sight.

Then there appeared to me a circle of ten men with one face, all looking the same direction and in on themselves. Yet they did not see what I saw, and continued their not-watch forever.

They were set upon by the likeness of a sea of children. Now each child had eyes of water and voices of air, and spoke nothing but anything. These children danced around the ten men and laughed, but one touched them and became what it was not, which frightened the others so much that they dissolved into nothing but spirited whispers.

But one fled inwards, through the one-faced men, and was swallowed by them. And in time I heard a whisper of the burning man’s breath in their bellies, knowing that what was before is as now, and the one-faced men could not hear it. So I wept for their ignorance, and my tears sprang from their flesh, dancing with the children but never going inside the one-faced men’s circle.

Then the not-child arose in the circle, smiling and holding golden seeds in its hands. And it gave it to me, saying “This is the harvest of those who dance in the circle, who will sow again. It holds the world’s breath and all beyond it. Tend it with dreams and truth, and it will flower under earth to give wings to soar beyond with me.”

Then the not-child smiled, and I knew he would lead us then, and everywhen after.

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