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Talking Heads and Ivory Enclaves: A Gaming Forum Community Explored

I’ve been doing some on-and-off research into the nature of the gaming community, pulling my thoughts on various issues together, occasionally posting some of the results on this blog. I had a discussion last year with The Geek Anthropologist about … Continue reading

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Not Proud to be a Geek: Needs to be resaid

I’ve stumbled across this marvellous post from Storming the Ivory Tower that needs to be exposed to a broader audience (as narrow as my current readership is). It’s a scathing indictment of geek culture and how narrow-minded, inward-looking and downright … Continue reading

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Geek Culture on the Couch

I’ve recently been going through the blogsphere looking for shameless self-publicising opportunities or chances to discuss and share ideas on fantasy, world-building and their inherent cultural expressions and what they say about the writers and consumers of fantasy/sci-fi media. I’d … Continue reading

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