The Elder Scrolls

The mythology of the Elder Scrolls games is one of the deepest in modern fantasy, as far as I’m concerned. As well as the lore in the games themselves, the series has birthed a huge amount of fan-created lore, analysis and speculation. The below links are my own small contribution.

A Letter to the Loyal Remnants of Trinimac, of “Orsinium Novum” – The following text was found on the decapitated body of an Altmer in the Druadach Mountains. The elf was dressed in the battered and defaced garb of the Thalmor. Originally posted in /r/teslore.

A Scaver Gospel, or the Memory of the Pankratosword – Some roughly-distilled ideas on what I hope is a fresh take of the Pankratosword (hint: Auri-on is the key). Originally posted in /r/teslore.

Giles Deleuze, Memory, Reality, TES and Buggering the Narrative – Some thoughts on Deleuze’s transcendental empiricism applied to the Elder Scrolls. Originally posted in /r/teslore.

The Many-Faceted Pool by Barac Sthinlbzar – A text outlining basic Dwemeri philosophy, based on the style of Benedict de Spinoza. Originally posted in /r/teslore.

Telling What You Believe: Mythopoeia and Faith on Nirn – An exploration of the nature of faith in a world of regularly-manifesting gods. Originally posted on /r/teslore.

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