Welcome to the Crucible!


Welcome to the Crucible of Words! This blog is an attempt to get me writing creatively and about world creation and its implications on a regular basis, both about the worlds buzzing around in my own head and those of others.

Until other things spring up (which they probably will), this blog will centre around at least three things:

  • Explore the ideas behind world creation, the cosmologies created by fantasy and sci-fi authors and what they mean, what ideas they’re playing with in world creation. This could range from trying to wrap my head around the cosmology of the Elder Scrolls universe (where the phrase “Alduin is the son of Akatosh, who has always existed, but Alduin and Auriel were Akatosh before he always existed” makes perfect sense) to what Prometheus was trying to say beyond being an Alien prequel.
  • Expound my own fantasy world ideas, potentially as starting blocks for further discussion, but also to get them into a more refined form for future collation. Publication is probably a dream beyond a dream, but that’s the ultimate. These centre around two ideas. The first is what I’m calling The Mists of Albion that I’m working on with a friend, which stemmed both from a love of Tolkien and his want to create a unifying English myth and an exploration of various ideas present in various forms of Germanic and Celtic folklore and myth.
  • Toy with my ideas for the Magic: the Gathering universe. As you may have gathered (heh) from the graphic, I’m a fan. So much of a fan that I’m currently endeavouring to both be a part of the Expanded Multiverse (although I’ve not yet written anything for there yet, this is all very much a work in progress!) and develop a MtG roleplaying game.  I’ll be discussing the various aspects of the MtG setting and how this has affected game design, possibly posting up mechanics for discussion if people feel so inclined.

This list will hopefully expand as time goes on and new ideas get bounced around. I certainly anticipate some more theoretical articles to spring up as things chug along (like presentations of fantasy/sci-fi religion, gender expressions in alternative worlds and the like), but we’ll take it as we go.

I’m also settling in to WordPress as a tool for maintaining a blog, so the site may undergo several changes as I play around with the settings of this wonderful new toy.

Thanks for reading, and hope to discuss many ideas about world creation with you all in future!


About CrucibleofWords

I'm always interested in the birth and expression of new ideas, from world creation to philosophical and metaphysical exploration. Fantasy and its related genres are the perfect vehicle for this sort of thing, and I intend to explore it various ways with this blog, both through positing my own ideas, and reflection on that of others.
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One Response to Welcome to the Crucible!

  1. Sipty says:

    I seriously need to start consuming a writer’s work from the fucking beginning. That being said, this post was fucking amazing and I’m starting to develop a man crush for you. (Or slowly working on it, not saying.)

    Best of luck and do look forward to a lot of spam from me.

    Best Regards,

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