A Scaver Gospel, or the Memory of the Pankratosword

The following text was found on the body of a drowned Redguard, washed up on the coast of High Rock many leagues from Daggerfall. The man had a variety of strange artefacts bound to his person, along with this tract.

To the Sons of the Float,

You are a part of something far greater than you realise. The trinkets you have brought from the depths of your sundered homeland are but part of a greater story, which we must stop plundering and continue to write. But first we must know what the story is.

It is both the past and future, a dream of the Stars and their resting place on [text destroyed], which both is and is not. But this is only that which is seen by those who breathe Memory. The rewards are great, granting many-faceted vision to all those who truly treasure [text destroyed], but the perils are also.

First we must discard that which was given to us, as Septakal sheds his skin to remove what was. The scales form a tapestry, which will obscure the light of the lamps that guide us on our courses. Charter by the Ge you know and you will see nothing but the cycle itself. Breathe memory and see what they lost and [text destroyed], as their true paths are distilled through the ocean itself.

As above, so below. We have been told this path for many a while, and it is true. But what was hidden is that we must reach the above through the below. Was this not why the Pankratosword was unleashed, again and again? Oh my sons, how we have forgotten to gird ourselves with the wisdom of Auri-on, who is [text destroyed]. It is only through Auri-on’s teachings that we may follow the true, refracted, refined, path of the Ge.

The answer is obvious – Yokuda is where it should be! Rejoice, for the Pankratosword succeeded! Mourn only because we were not there to ride with it through the Orichalc Gate to [text destroyed]. For the Sword needed to be used again and again, with the force of our Memory of the Far Shores to drive it down and on to its destination.

And so we must do likewise. Submerse yourself in Memory, forgo [text destroyed] and drink deeply of what Was, Is and Will Be. See the Sword and build the wisdom of Auri-on anew. Chart a course for a distant land and, through the Sword, bring its blessings to them so that they may have the Memory of how to reach the Far Shores.

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