This is a version of Vicissitude created by Telgar to make it more systematic and less open to interpretation/abuse. The original thread on White Wolf forums discussing its development is here. Reproduced on this page with the author’s permission.

Note that the two level 1 discipline powers are not intended to both be available – both were presented in the thread as possible alternatives.

The first step to mastery of one’s own body is the ability to sense and remove intruders. Poisons, drugs, diseases and toxins are detected as soon as they enter the Tzimisce’s body. Once made aware of a contaminant, it can be forced from the vampire’s flesh with an effort of will and an expenditure of vitae.
System: After learning this ability, the character becomes instantly aware of any foreign substance that enters his body. In order to remove a contamination, the character simply spends one blood point for each impurity he wishes cleansed. The intruding material is consumed by the blood, which becomes a foul, black ooze excreted through the digestive tract.

• Bodily Integrity
Even the newest initiate to the secrets of Vicissitude has impressive control over their own body. They can reject transformations forced upon their physical forms from outside, fighting against powers that might otherwise overwhelm them. Considered a mandatory line of defense against other users of Vicissitude, this power also aids against the arcane abilities of other vampires, even mortal mages and witches.
System: There is no cost to use this power; it is a passive effect that is always active. When resisting any outside ability that attempts to transform the Tzimisce’s body against his will, the player adds his Vicissitude score to his roll. If there would normally not be a roll, he may roll his Vicissitude dice alone to resist the change, subtracting his successes from those of his attacker. Examples of powers this ability can aid in resisting include: Dissolve the Flesh from Necromancy, Vicissitude’s own Promethean ClayShape Mastery from Protean, and the Withering ability in Thanatosis.

•• Lamarckian Adaptation
Adapting his body instantly to any situation, a Tzimisce can trade strength for endurance or flexibility for vigor. Re-arranging his own physical structure, the vampire decides how best his body might serve him at any given time.
System: The character must roll Willpower (difficulty 7). Each success allows the Fiend perform any of the following actions: temporarily re-allocate 1 dot from one Physical Attribute to another, convert a dot of Dexterity or Strength into an extra Bruised Health Level, or convert a Health Level into an extra die of soak against non-Aggravated damage. These changes last for a scene. If any extra Health Levels contained damage when the power ends, that damage is transferred to the character’s normal Health Levels.

••• Malleable Form
This power grants the ability to manipulate one’s own body on a superficial level. Build, voice, facial features and skin tone can all be altered easily. With great skill, it is even possible to impersonate others by mimicking their physical form. Alterations performed with this power are cosmetic only and cannot confer more than a foot of height gained or lost, nor more than a 20% shift in physical size.
System: Each desired alteration requires one blood point and a Dexterity + Medicine roll (difficulty 6). Duplicating another person’s appearance requires at least five successes. This ability can improve one’s Appearance, but only temporarily. Malleable Form’s adjustments last until the character uses the power again to remove them.

•••• Transmogrification
A far more in-depth mastery of one’s physical form than Malleable Form, this power allows drastic and inhuman alterations. Vampires who learn this technique can transform themselves into hideous beasts or gorgeous visions. They can sprout feathers, scales, even additional limbs, organs or biological armor.
System: The transformations wrought by this power require 2 blood points each, and a Dexterity + Medicine roll (difficulty 7). Transmogrifications can impart the effect of nearly any mundane piece of equipment. Claws can act as knives, or bony plates can replace a bullet-proof vest. Improved eyes can confer the effects of night-vision goggles, while a parachute might be imitated through helium gas bladders or patagia webbing between limbs. These changes will last until the Tzimisce activates Transmogrification again to undo them.

••••• Promethean Clay
No longer limited to modifying their own body, a master of Vicissitude can twist and shape the bodies of others with a mere touch. This power is the stuff of nightmares, but it can also be the making of dreams come true, for it can also remedy long-standing physical deformity.
System: The process of shaping another being’s flesh is slow and painstaking. Promethean Clay is always an extended action; each Dexterity + Medicine roll (difficulty 7) requires 30 minutes and a blood point. Such changes are represented as Physical Merits and Flaws that can be applied to or removed from the Tzimisce’s subject. Applying or removing Merits and Flaws requires 1 success for every point the trait desired is worth. If the subject is unwilling, as most are, each Merit or Flaw can be ‘healed’ as if it were an amount of Aggravated damage equal to its point value. These alterations do not vanish on their own; they last forever if not healed.

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