This list is places that I’ve found while trawling the blogsphere for interesting posts. I’m new to this whole scene, and probably miss a load of stuff, and it will definitely grow in time. But I hope you find the following links helpful.


Alpha Worldbuilding Advice – a three-part series from a sci-fi/fantasy writing workshop company about worldbuilding, from considerations of geography to society.

The Orb – a documentation of creation of a fantasy world using realistic scientific principles and mapping techniques.

Worldbuilding Links – a huge repository of links containing advice and resources for worldbuilding projects. Mostly from a gaming perspective, but some of it could potentially be pressed into service for more general writing.


Critical Hits – a smorgasbord of different kinds of articles on roleplaying (mostly D&D-based), from hints and tips to tracking the most recent releases. An outline of their typical stuff is here.

RPG Bloggers – a hub posting links to other recent blog posts. Be ready for pretty much every roleplaying topic to be linked to somewhere in here.

Studies about Fantasy Role-Playing Games – not a blog, but a collection of references to articles about the various aspects of roleplaying games, from articles about “D&D is SATANIC!” to “The Use of a Fantasy Game in the Pscyhotherapeutic Treatment of a Young Adult”.

The Free RPG Blog – a blog supporting developers of their own system, promoting them, going through the pros and cons of indie developing.

Magic: the Gathering

Flavour and Storylines – Magic’s Flavour and Storylines message board. A sociable bunch of folks talking about the stories behind Magic.

Magic: the Expanded Multiverse – a fan project detailing homemade planes and characters, as well as an archive of some of Wizards’ older flavour material.


This is a somewhat catch-all section about societal issues and fantasy/gaming in general (like how feminist or not D&D or DC Comics are), discussing how issues in society are expressed/altered in the fantasy/gaming world. Lots of meta discussions, the kind of stuff the philosopher in me craves.

Chez Apocolypse – a blog produced by Team NChick providing reviews and commentary on media and pop culture, with snazzy videos to go with the fantastic insight.

Gaming As Women – a thoughtful discussion of issues surrounding feminism and gaming culture. Also of interest in this vein, but sadly not often updated, is Go Make Me A Sandwich.

Limyaael’s Rants – what I could only dream of aspiring to. A commentary on many of the issues involved in writing fantasy stories, and how to improve them, and what they mean. A fantastic resource.

Squareise – a collection of articles about film and TV, ranging from in-depth analysis to obscure lists and opinionated comment on the latest releases. A good read, whatever’s up.

Storming the Ivory Tower – an analysis of different stories and media for their social messages, and posting pictures of Lord Humungous it does so. What’s not to love?

The Geek Anthropologist – a blog looking at “geekiness, online communities and science fiction” through an anthropology lens. Some fascinating insights into the cultural context surrounding a lot of sci-fi/fantasy media. I’ve also begun reviewing and editing content for the site, as well as managing social media.

The Story’s Story – a blog commenting on various aspects of stories, books and the writing process.

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