Sorry I’ve been somewhat slow with content recently, I’ve been organising a new job and moving house. Now those are partly over with, and I can get back to writing. I shouldn’t be too much longer for the first-person Mists of Albion fantasy, but in the meantime here’s an article on real-world vs roleplaying military structures. This has broader implications than just how roleplaying battles are conducted, and I’ll be commenting on this soon.

Emergence Campaign Weblog

So you want the players in your campaign to form a military group.

Whether your inspiration comes from WWII movies, or the novels of the Black Company, or any of ten thousand other sources, the idea is pretty common. Forge that group of awkward misfits that your (very likely equally misfit) players have created into a tight military team, have them face terrible enemies, and have them either triumph through discipline, preparedness, and teamwork or at least do a lot of damage and fail heroically!

There are some problems though.

  • In almost every game, the players are there to play characters who are far more capable, powerful, and skilled than they are. In fact, the vast majority of RPG characters are far, FAR more formidable than any normal person. We’re looking at action movie heroes here, at the very least. Indeed, in rather a lot of games, the characters will…

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I'm always interested in the birth and expression of new ideas, from world creation to philosophical and metaphysical exploration. Fantasy and its related genres are the perfect vehicle for this sort of thing, and I intend to explore it various ways with this blog, both through positing my own ideas, and reflection on that of others.
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