Not Proud to be a Geek: Needs to be resaid

Sexism in Geek Media

I’ve stumbled across this marvellous post from Storming the Ivory Tower that needs to be exposed to a broader audience (as narrow as my current readership is). It’s a scathing indictment of geek culture and how narrow-minded, inward-looking and downright offensive it has become.

I think the main problem is that being a geek has become a thing now (thank you very much, Big Bang Theory), with almost-defined boundaries that need to be rigidly adhered to in order to “count”. Geekdom has become a thing to be defended, aspired to with a rigidity that allows no dissent. Which is disgusting. Why can’t we have creativity and nice ideas without the need for them to be anything other than ideas to be explored and expanded? But no, these things mean something beyond themselves, and used in some form of self-promotion and identification. And then defended viciously because any attack becomes personal.

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling, and Keeper puts it much better than I could. Go read his article and do something about making your corner of the world a more inclusive place. Think about what you like, and what they mean. Don’t stop other people from exploring their ideas and having opinions on the same thing. And please, please, please, learn to welcome new people, help them to enjoy the things you enjoy without feeling threatened or belittled or in any way worse than you. You’re all people, trying to enjoy life. Why isn’t that enough?





Next time I’ll try to get back to a reasonably regular posting schedule, I’ve had some thoughts bubbling away about Mists of Albion, and darkness in fantasy. I’ll try to get them into some workable form soon.

About Aramithius

I'm always interested in the birth and expression of new ideas, from world creation to philosophical and metaphysical exploration. Fantasy and its related genres are the perfect vehicle for this sort of thing, and I enjoy exploring it in various ways.
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3 Responses to Not Proud to be a Geek: Needs to be resaid

  1. ravinj says:

    Until I started reading your blog, and a few others, I never realized geekdom was a thing. I was under the illusion that many geeky things had gone mainstream, but not the actual geeks and nerds. I don’t like the notion of being defined from the outside–refusing to fit into the standard boxes was what landed me in geekdom in the first place! I refuse to accept that it’s another box.

    • I didn’t realise it either, until I noticed a huge amount of overlap between various societies during my undergrad.

      think you’re right; there are lots of things that are “geeky” as such, that have gone mainstream (look at all the comic book films, for an easy example), and there are efforts made by several people to either proclaim geekdom dead or triumphant. As for the people themselves, conventional wisdom tells us we all want to fit in somewhere, so the tribalism kind of makes sense. But as you say, it shouldn’t be yet another “standard”.

      Should geekdom even be a word? I associate with it because lots of my hobbies are labelled as such, but does it really need to be anything greater than the sum of its parts?

      • ravinj says:

        I’m not sure it does. I guess I don’t see geekiness as typifying a single subcultural tribe. More like an umbrella recognition of outsider status, a shorthand. Kind of like saying “queer” when I don’t want to use multiple polysyllabic words to explain my orientation/membership/relationship to that loosely-unified-but-not-really-all-the-sameness that is GLBTQEtc.

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