Advance warning of semi-hiatus

It’s been longer than usual since I last posted something on here. There are a mixture of reasons for that; partly because I was away for Easter, but mainly because I’m now starting on some ethnographic work for The Geek Anthropologist. I’ll be looking at roles and social interactions across different sections of a particular forum, which will be taking up a lot of my time.

I’ll be posting research notes from the basis of my findings on that blog and linking it back here, but that will be less regular than my current posts have been.

As a final hurrah before this, I’ll be posting up the rules for spells and the combat turn sequence for Magic: the Multiverse tomorrow or later today, and a discussion of the choices and details I went through.

About Aramithius

I'm always interested in the birth and expression of new ideas, from world creation to philosophical and metaphysical exploration. Fantasy and its related genres are the perfect vehicle for this sort of thing, and I enjoy exploring it in various ways.
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