Interlude: Merchant Magic Format

My short stories for Mists of Albion are currently a work in progress, likely to have the first one up in the next day or two. In the meantime, I want to promote a favourite Magic: the Gathering format of mine. Merchant Magic. Or at least repost it for posterity.

This is a format that originated at the Magic Deck Vortex in 2009. It’s designed to limit certain availabilities of cards, thus keeping the cost of decks down while allowing more freedom of design than Pauper (commons-only). This is great for those building decks on a budget, as the most pricy cards tend to be the rares or mythic rares, but allows you to raid the sweetie shop to an extent. Rules for the format are below:

Merchant Magic rules

This Constructed format, which I call Merchant Magic, has the following rules:1. Normal deck building rules apply, including any format-specific rules for card pool (such as Block, Standard, Extended, Legacy, etc.). This includes a 60 card minimum deck size and no more than four copies of a card with the exception of basic lands.2. A deck may contain no more than 1 mythic rare card.

3. A deck may contain no more than 5 cards that are rare or higher rarity combined.

4. A deck may contain no more than 17 cards that are uncommon or higher rarity combined.

5. A deck may contain any number of common cards.

6. If sideboards are used, the rarity restrictions do not change.

7. A card’s rarity counts as the lowest rarity for which the card has been printed in a given format. For example, if you are playing with Consume Spirit in M10 Standard, then its rarity is uncommon. However, if you are playing a format in which Mirrodin is legal, such as Modern, then the rarity of Consume Spirit is Common. As with all formats, you may use any printing of a card with the equivalent English-language name. For example, if you are playing Modern and your Consume Spirit counts as a common, you may still use a copy from M10, in which it was printed as an uncommon.

Spread the word!

In the meantime, expect one version of one of humanity’s most important founding stories for Mists of Albion later this week as a (very) short story.

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I'm always interested in the birth and expression of new ideas, from world creation to philosophical and metaphysical exploration. Fantasy and its related genres are the perfect vehicle for this sort of thing, and I enjoy exploring it in various ways.
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